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HD Union Assotiation— is non-commercial organization established with the aim of consolidation of all active participants of HD-market and for promotion of High Definition Television and Digital Cinematography on Russian and international market.

HD Union Assotiation is supported by Russian Federal Agency for the Press and Mass Communications.
Desigion to create HD Union Assotiation was on 14 december 2006 on Round-table, With support: National association of TV and Radio Broadcasters and cable TV Association of Russia.

HD Union as multi-industry organization incorporates: air, satellite, cable and IP broadcasters, telecoms, industry ministries and government institutions, HD content producers and hardware manufacturers, digital cinemas, distributors of HD content and equipment, content providers, systems integrators, industry research and development institutes, educational institutions, advertising and marketing agencies, etc.

Main areas of HD Union activity:

  • consolidation of all active participants of HD-market;
  • providing prosperous conditions for creation and development of HD market;
  • promotion of products and services of Association members on Russian and international markets;
  • providing comprehensive help and support for Association members of in the aspects of law, consulting and management issues in establishment of HDTV channels or Digital Cinemas;
  • protecting interests of Association members in communications with regulatory bodies;
  • assistance to Association members in professional staff training;
  • interaction with other associations, unions and societies;
  • management and carriage of industry exhibitions, conferences, round tables, symposiums, festivals, seminars, contests, etc.

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